AAI celebrates 15th Anniversary

The Airports Authority of India conducted a ‘Colourful Cultural Evening’ at Delhi Cantt, New Delhi to commemorate its 15th Anniversary. The evening was preceded by VP Agarwal, chairman, AAI, hosting a dinner the previous evening at the AAIOI, in honour of the Chief Guest, other dignitaries and the participants from across the country.

The function was held under the aegis of Kalyanmayee AAIWWA, the Extended Arm of AAI. During the function the sportspersons engaged under the various sports scheme of AAI were also honoured. The participants were either the employees or their wards from the respective regions/training institutes.
Here is a look at some achievements.

Northern Region through a most delightful theatre dance highlighted the multifarious facets of AAI activities, which include managing of airspace, passenger/cargo terminals, provisioning of CNS (Communication, Navigation & Surveillance), safety & security of passengers.

Sports: Highlighting Forthcoming Commonwealth Games-CATC Allahabad. Come October 1, 2010 the entire nation is in for a sports bonanza "Commonwealth Games". CATC Allahabad has aptly touched the burning issue of the lack of talent hunt at the grass root level. It has been well established that there is no dearth for talent in our country Eco-Friendly — Environment Conservation-Southern Region (Calicut Unit): The recently held Copenhagen Summit is not only a strong but also, a timely reminder of the fact of importance being accorded by the whole world to the alarming rate of rise in pollution.

Southern Region aptly depicted the effect of pollution wherein, the trees are being destructed and restoring the existing ones to prevent further pollution. The act highlighted the importance in maintaining the eco- balance, so as to ensure a healthy life in a pollution free environment.

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