Central Mine Planning & Design Institute Limited (CMPDI) is a Government of India enterprise having its corporate headquarters at Ranchi in India

CMPDI routinely deals with multi-dimensional complexities of coal and mineral sector to promote environmentally benign mining design and mitigation practices in India & abroad. Its services include:

Consltancy Services

• EIA/EMP studies • Regional EIA studies • Environmental monitoring • Slope stability studies • Soil conservation studies
• Environmental statements • Engineering services
• Rainwater harvesting • Land use planning • Mine closure planning.

Laboratory Services

• Environmental monitoring • Analysis of environmental quality parameters • Treatability studies • Research and development.

Specialized Services

• EIA guidance Manual • OB dump reclamation studies • Dust survey studies • Preparation of zoning atlas • Capacity building studies • Environmental planning for ecologically sensitive regions • EIA/ EMP related to fly ash disposal • Environmental master planning.

Research and Development

• Mine environmental management • Research and development in emerging areas of sustainable coal mining.

CMPDI has a strong and multi-disciplinary team of engineers and scientists to look after project planning integrating environmental concerns, environmental impact assessment studies and management • Accredited with National Accreditation Board for Education and Training (NABET) of Quality Council of India (QCI) as EIA consultancy organization in mining and coal washery sectors.

Achievements at a glance

• Prepared more than 555 EIA/EMPs, received EC for 399 no. of EIA/EMPs.
• Prepared more than 25 effluent/ sewage/ acid mine drainage treatment schemes.
• Carries out routine environmental monitoring of 289 coal mining/ beneficiation projects.
• Prepared more than 450 nos. of mine closure plans, out of which a total of 307 MCPs were approved.

Carried out Government of India’s policies, legislation, standards and mechanism of monitoring compliance under India-EMCB project.

Took up capacity building of Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India, its regional offices, Central Pollution Control Board, State Pollution Control Boards and counterpart institutions like ISM, CMRI, IBM etc.

Prepared Action Plan for restoration of environmental quality of four districts in Aravali Range for CPCB. One report referred by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.

Assisting Ministry of Coal and Coal India Ltd. on issues related to land acquisition, environmental and forestry clearances, mine closure etc.

Prepared Environmental Master Plan of Alwar District for Government of Rajasthan.

Disposal schemes of fly ash into mine voids.

Emission factor for mining machinery and operation in coal opencast project.

Fly ash characterization for mine void reclamation.

Development of suitable biological waste water treatment technology for AMD. OB dump reclamation studies.

Scrutiny of mine closure plans referred by Ministry of Coal, Government of India.

Environmental Laboratory Facilities

CMPDI has a well-equipped state-of-art environmental laboratory for monitoring various environmental attributes. An Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer and Inductively Coupled Plasma meter (ICP) have recently been commissioned to facilitate vase element analysis at ppm/ ppb level. The laboratory has been recognized by Central Pollution Control Board and accredited with ISO-900,2008 certification and has facilities for:
Air Quality Analysis: Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM)
Respirable Particulate Matter (RPM)
Oxides of Sulphur (S0x)
Oxides of Nitrogen (N00)
Carbon Monoxide (CO)
Total Hydrocarbons
Total settle able dust
Water / Effluent Quality Analysis: Physical parameters
(PH, color, temperature, turbidity etc.)
Chemical characteristics
(COD, heavy metals & trace metals)
Biological characteristics (BOD, MPN)
Noise Level: Noise intensity survey / Leg value of noise

Wasteland Reclamation

The mining activities cause land degradation. Though the mining wastelands comprise of only 0.13% of total wasteland area of the country, CMPDI plans for sustainable and productive use of such mining wasteland, (e.g. utilisation of mine void for storage of mine water which is of good quality for water security of the country etc.) at the project planning stage itself.

CMPDI has planned the reclamation activities to put the degraded land into productive land usage and a sustainable source of income for the local community. So far, 78 millions saplings have been planted over an area of 33700 ha of land. These plants can be utilized for fuel, fodder, fruits, medicines and in general as a source of livelihood for the local community.

Due to massive afforestation carried out by Coal India Limited, about 2.40 ha of land stands biologically reclaimed and vegetated for every hectare of forest land utilized fo mining purposes.

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