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When the Coal India chairman Partha S Bhattacharyya was conferred ‘CEO with HR Orientation’ award by the Council of World HRD Congress during the Global HR Excellence Awards Ceremony 2010 in Mumbai on February 12, 2010, nobody thought that he would emerge as the Game Changer CEO of the year.

Bhattacharyya’s compassionate management style which saw the Coal giant crossing hurdles and emerging as a ‘Navaratna’ company was good enough reason for the Council to honour him.

CIL today is the largest listed corporate employer in the country having nearly four lakh employees. The award was presented by Jigmy Y Thinley, Prime Minister of Bhutan and Bhaskar Chatterjee, Secretary, Department of Public Enterprises, Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises.

In July, IISWBM (Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management) conferred on Bhattacharyya, Institute’s Distinguished Management Fellowship Award, in recognition of his outstanding contribution in practising classic management education in India as CMD of Coal India Limited.
Bhattacharyya, IISWBM acknowledged, “is a legendary figure in the field of mining in India”.

He has been instrumental in introducing modern management principles and techniques in the Public Sector enterprise, thereby making it globally competitive.
He is credited with placing Coal India on a global map by acquiring coal assets in Mozambique and initiating the process of creating strategic partnership with coal mining companies abroad.

Next came the SCOPE Special Award of the Jury. Bhattacharyya received the coveted “SCOPE Special Award of the Jury” from Dr Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India in an official award ceremony — MoU Excellence Awards & SCOPE Excellence Awards 2008-09 held in New Delhi. The function was jointly organized by Department of Public Enterprises and Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE).

Under the Chairmanship of Bhattacharyya, Coal India had already won the SCOPE Gold Trophy 2007-08 (Institutional category) for Excellence and Outstanding Contribution to Public Sector Management in the previous year. And Bhattacharya was honoured with the “CEO of the Year” award given by Department of Public Enterprises, Government of India in association with Indian Chamber of Commerce and Deloitte the Knowledge Partner at a glittering ceremony function organized in New Delhi.

He received the award from the Union Minister of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises Vilas Rao Deshmukh at a Summit on India Public Sector Agenda @ 2015 organized on the occasion. Under Bhattacharyya’s leadership, Coal India collected world record breaking amount through its recent Initial public offer (IPO).
FORBES India featured Bhattacharyya among the select business persons of the year. Euromoney in a rare mention analysed Bhattacharyya’s role in success of the record breaking IPO of Coal India.

What is more, Coal India emerged as the nation’s blue chip — the black diamond, thanks to Bhattacharyya's leadership.

Partha S Bhattacharyya, the Game Changer CEO of Coal India is our resource person of the year.

A letter to PS Bhattacharya by Barry Claridge

Barry Claridge [] wrote after reading “Partha Bhattacharya — The man who changed Coal India's image” by Prince Mathews Thomas in the Forbes India.

I am 80 years old, and have a background in finance and commodity trading. During my life’s work period, I have travelled Canada, plus frequent trips to the USA, Europe, S Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and mainland China. … Of all the business leaders, politicians, VIP people, etc. whom I have met, done business with, acted as a financial consultant to, etc., I honestly say that: NONE ARE GREATER THAN MY OPINION/ESTIMATION OF YOU PERIOD.

You are an amalgam of a thinker and a doer — a most unique commodity.
Above I said that I was also impressed with you for another reason which might surprise you, it is this. As Shakespeare said in one of his plays — “You have the milk of human kindness.”

You are also a “humble man”. Because of the approximate 12 hour time difference between India and Canada, I sometimes stayed up late at night to phone you at a time convenient for your working schedule. I will NEVER forget you saying to me — “this is my home phone number, and because you are calling me late in the night from Vancouver time, please don’t hesitate to phone me at home when the time is more convenient for you.”

INCREDIBLE, absolutely incredible. A few times I spoke to your wife, she was also so courteous to me, advising when I would be able to reach you, please thank her for me.

You, a man of power, prestige, and much sought after and yet you considered me to mitigate my lack of sleep by offering to speak to me at home after you had obviously spent a very busy time solving countless problems of far greater importance than what I wished to discuss with you.

In closing, as you prepare for your retirement in February, I wish you well, good health, and quality time with your precious wife. I am honoured to have met you ( by email and phone )----God speed to you and yours.
Personal regards
Barry Claridge

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